I'm Jude / flying high flying low but never fly away from you / love food / love music / love books/ love orange not just the fruit but also the color / i love Pokemon yeah it's not too Obvious / if you want advice well i can give you just ask :)
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Life is never been easy

Its easy to fall than to move on

Its science in specific physics remember the law of gravity and the law of acceleration

Dance moves from the Students Affairs Office at the freshmen orientation #dance #moves #treasure #freshmen #orientation


True love waits

True love

Ano nga ba ang true love well hindi yun hinahanap kasi kusa lang yung dumadating parang accidente pero hindi ang tawag doon destiny well alam niyo ng lahat yun pero hindi lang yun ang ibig sabihin ng true love ang true love ehh uunahin ninyo ang kabutihan ng bawat isa parang kung mag tatanan kayo or mag tatry kayo mag sex kung kayo talaga mag hihintay kayo dahil true love waits

We all make sacrifices in the name of love

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