I'm Jude / flying high flying low but never fly away from you / love food / love music / love books/ love orange not just the fruit but also the color / i love Pokemon yeah it's not too Obvious / if you want advice well i can give you just ask :)
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I’ll try to be nice and be good to you but, don’t you dare let the demon bitch out of me

Wag mo na ipaglaban kung kung alam mo naman na tama siya

Ang true love hindi hinahanap kc kusang darating yun sayo

It’s time to move on, life doesn’t stop when you done something wrong or fall in love to the wrong person always remember that when you choose something whether it is right or wrong be firm to face it because one decision can change your life but it can not end one

I think I’m done loving you


Yung feeling na ayaw mo na mag facebook dahil hangan friends nalang talaga kayo

Almost is never enough

Once is enough for a wise man

In other word wag magpaka tanga nasaktan ka na nga go ka parin sa kanya

Keep your feet on the ground while your heads in the clouds

My last thoughts

I still don’t know why we broke up,cause the time I knew our relationship isn’t working I realized that my whole world revolves around you, and now I’m still thinking what wrong did I do for us to fall apart I gave you all you want except may virginity, well I guess thats all I just wanted to clear my head and be free with those things bye

Why can’t you just tell me what you feel, because how you act is confusing me.

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