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I may not be the guy you want but i can be the perfect guy that you want

Ego and love can’t exist together

Good Eve po

Di makapag tumblr so busy ang dami kcing schedule ehh



Well, they are the people whose behind our success. Not only our family or our special someone. They are the people who could be sad for you if you don’t feel good. They will be the most happy person if you succeeded in one thing. 

They know all your secrets. Your favorite foods, drinks, color and etchetera. Because they are the one whom we trust so much. They are the person who could do crazy things with you. And if your not around she feels like she is alone facing the gravity of the Earth that make her/him go down.

They are the people whom knows who really we are. Even the thing that your parents doesn’t know, they know it. 

Best friends are born to be our real life sister and brother. Though not in blood, but in the heart.

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Bruno Mars ( When I Was Your Man )

Too young Too dumb to realize


Believe in yourself and just be true on who you are
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